For creating successful products and services I am coaching my clients to get their mission critical and interlocked jobs done: finding a viable solution that fits their customer’s problem, delivering sustainable value for their customers and adapting their organization to change.

I believe that the tools have to follow my client’s problems, so I utilize a broad range of ressources like Scrum, Kanban, Business Model Generation, Design Thinking, Management 3.0, Lean and Agile Leadership Practices to support my clients to master the complexity of product and organisational development. My goal is to develop people’s skills and to foster a do-it-yourself attitude towards using the tools and practices for their organisation’s purpose.

“After a series of rapid changes in our product development department in 2015 we have been facing a mismatch of outcome with stakeholder expectations within the development and product team behind the Bringmeister delivery service platform. With their empathy-based and solution-focused participative approach, Stefan Haas and Jens Otto Lange helped us navigate the complexity of making Bringmeister successful. After a few, high impact workshops they facilitated with the whole team and a very limited time invested we could re-create alignment of product development with the business strategy increasing team motivation, autonomy and ownership of responsibility.” Boris Frank, Geschäftsführer CMO Bringmeister GmbH, 2015